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A Vida Não É Estranha?(John Lodge)

A vida não é estranha?
Um virar de página
Poder ler como antes
Podemos pedir mais?
Por cada dia que passa
Quão difícil será que o homem tente?
O mar não vai esperar

Você sabe que me faz querer chorar, chorar, chorar
Desejei poder estar em seu coração
Ser um com o seu amor
Desejei poder estar em seus olhos
Olhando de volta, lá estava você, e aqui estamos.

A vida não é estranha?
A Palavra nos Organiza
Sem pensamento ou cuidado
Criação de desespero
Cada respiração que nós respiramos
Com amor me deve tecer
Fazer-nos como um


A vida não é estranha?
O virar de uma página
Um livro sem Luz
Com amor, a menos que escrevamos;
Para jogá-lo fora
Perder apenas um dia
A areia movediça do Tempo

One More Time to Live(John Lodge)

Look Out of My Window
See the World Passing By
See the Look in Her Eye
One More Time to Live and I Have Made It Mine
Leave the Wise to Write For They Write Worldy Rhymes
And He Who Wants to Fight Begins the End of Time
For I Have Riches More Than These
For I Have Riches More Than These
Creation (Tell Me Someone Why There's Only Confusion)
Evolution (Tell Me Someone That This Is All An Illusion)
Pollution (Tell Me Someone)
Saturation (Tell Me Someone)
Revolution (Tell Me Someone Why This Talk of Revolution)
Confusion (Tell Me Someone When We're Changing Evolution)
Illusion (Tell Me Someone)
Conclusion (Tell Me Someone)
Contemplation (Changes in My Life)
Elation (Changes in My Life)
Salvation (Changes in My Life)
Look Out On the Hedgerow
As the World Rushes By
Hear the Birds Sing Such
One More Tree Will Fall How Strong the Growing Vine
Turn the Earth to Sand and Still Commit no Crime
How One Thought Will Live Provide the Others Die
For I Have Riches More Than These
For I Have Riches More Than These



I've got a reputation of being a man with a gift of words
Romantic poetic type or so they say
But I find it hard to express the way I feel about you
Without getting involved with the old clichés
In the old clichés, it's an old cliché
This song's begun so many times but never in a way
That you won't consider to be an old cliché.
I want to say that I need you, I miss you when you're away
And how it seemed like fate - oh here we go - the same oldclichés
It's the same old clichés
It's not that I'm embarrassed or shy, well, you know me toowell
But I want to make this song special in a way that you can tell
That it's solely for you and nobody else
For my best friend, my lover, when I need help - cliché
Everything I want to say to you is wrapped up in an old cliché
I'd waited so long to find you, I'd been through the heartbreakand pain
But of course you already know that 'cause you've been throughthe same
That's why I'm trying to say with my deepest sincerity
That's why I'm finding it comes down to basic simplicities
The best way is with an old cliché
It's simply the best way, is with an old cliché
Always the best way is with an old cliché
I'll leave it to the best way, it's an old cliché
I love you

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