quarta-feira, 11 de abril de 2012


Só assim que vale à pena, eu penso.

Much to my dismay
When I wake up in the morning
No one by my side
Nowhere left to hide
I thought
Music was enough
I could fill the empty spaces
Wandering the halls
Bouncing off the walls
High to hear the song
Recall the deeper meaning
There is but to seek redress
From is wretched loneliness
That's 50/50
Or a hundred at a time
That's 50/50
With both of us this time
I can hear my love
And she wouldn't try to change me
She knows that I will try to be
The best of me that I can be
And that is change enough
I could lose myself tryin' to please her
And after all was said and done
She might not like what I'd become
So listen to your love
If you let it
It will tell you
You got to try again, again
Find your lover, confidant and
That's 50/50
Or a hundred at a time
Love love love love
That's 50/50
With both of us this time
Listen to your love
It will sing to you tomorrow
Every day's new melody
Needs a different harmony
So listen to the song
And the part that never changes
The rhythm and the symmetry
Of love's collected poetry
Listen close enough
Hear the whispers of forever
What we have ourselves become
One and one is still one

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  1. Olá! Fui até o Terra conhecer outros trabalhos deste grupo "Crosy - Stills & Nash. Tem muita coisa boa. Não conhecia.

  2. Em 2009 estão melhor ainda.

  3. Legal que vc tenha gostado. Não conheço o site "Terra", vou conferir. Valeu! Obrigado!


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